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Year Built
1886 1348
Neuschwanstein Castle
Built by:King Ludwig II of Bavaria
Year Built: 1869 - 1,886.00
Location:Fussen, Bavaria, Germany
Deal Castle
Built by:King Henry VIII
Year Built:1539
Location:Kent, England
Fuensaldana castle
Built by:King John II of Castille
Year Built:1450
Location:Valladolid Province, Spain
Castillo de Coca
Built by:Archbishop Alfonso de Fuesca of Seville
Year Built:1400
Location:Segovia Province, Spain
Castle Bran
Built by:King Louis I of Hungary
Year Built:1377
Location:Brasov, Romania
Karlstein Castle
Built by:Charles IV
Year Built:1348
Location:Berounka River, Czech Republic
1300 1200
Pierrefonds Castle
Built by:King Charles VI of France
Year Built:1300
Conwy Castle
Built by:Edward I, England
Year Built: 1283 - 1,287.00
Location:Gwynedd, northern Wales
Harlech Castle
Built by:Edward I, of England
Year Built:1285
Location:northwestern Wales
Castle of Fenis
Built by:
Year Built:1242
Location:Val d Aosta, Italy
Eilean Donan Castle
Built by:
Year Built:1230
Location:Rose and Cromarty, Scotland
Goodrich Castle
Built by:
Year Built:1200
Location:Herefordshire, England
1198 1100
Chateau Gaillard
Built by:King Richard "The Lio Heart"
Year Built: 1196 - 1,198.00
Location:Les Andelys, France
Dover Castle
Built by:King Henry II
Year Built:1167
Location:Kent, England
Corfe Castle
Built by:
Year Built:1100
Location:southern England
Portchester Castle
Built by:
Year Built:1100
Location:Hampshire, England
Hever Castle
Built by:
Year Built:1100
Location:Turnbridge Wells, Kent, England
Marksburg castle
Built by:
Year Built:1100
Location:Braubach, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
Loarre Castle
Built by:
Year Built:1000
Location:Huesca Province, northern Spain
Leeds castle
Built by:
Year Built:1000
Location:Leeds, England
Alcazar of Segovia
Built by:King Alfonso VI of Castile
Year Built:1000
Location:Segovia Province, Spain
Burg Hohenzollern
Built by:
Year Built:1000
Location:Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
740 400
Almodovar del Rio Castle
Built by:
Year Built:740
Location:Cordoba, Spain
Built by:
Year Built:400
San Gimignano
Built by:
Year Built:
Location:San Gimignano, Tuscany
Kerak castle
Built by:
Year Built:
Papal Palace
Built by:
Year Built:
Kotor Castle
Built by:
Year Built:
Chillon Castle
Built by:
Location:Lake Geneva, Switzerland
Albrechtsburg castle
Location:Meissen, Germany
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